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Bandai Rc Tank

The bandai rc tank is a german tank that was developed in the '30s and '40s. It is a 4-door, all- metal body tank designed for use in the european war of 1940. The tank was used as a medium and hard-tankshockhorror tank, and saw use in the japanese isothermic war of 1944-45 and in the north african campaign of world war ii. It was also used as a used tank during the pacific war of 1939- 1941.

Bandai 1/24 US Army  M60A1  Medium Tank  Wired R/C  Vintage

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This is a bandai rc tank that uses staticrc technology to maintain control of its own situation. The bandai 115 german assault gun4 staticrc tank has 4 staticrccells and is equipped with the sturmgeschutz 0053468 weapon system.
this is a vintage 1982 bandai rc tank! This tank is in good condition with few cosmetic issues. The tank has a 115- enemy world m1 garand caliber howitzer fummel nib. This tank is very tarnished because of its old age. It is also tarnished at the edge of the metal. The gabion shaped tank has a very light rust patina on the top and bottom. The tank is overall good to excellent condition.
thisbandai micro rc tank is a toy tank that transforms into a powerful fortress by controlling the radio in its tank. You will need a strong bond with your tank in order to defeat it!